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Every level up a character gets 2 TP. Each TP can be spent to raise one of 6 statistics: strength, vitality, intelligence, dexterity, agility, luck or to learn a new skill.

NOTE: If you see a particular pirate stat in yellow it means that pirate has the highest value in this particular stat from all your crew members.

NOTE2: Your stats affect the shop prices in a way that INT in crew offers a discount for some items.

  • Increases the Melee weapon damage (DMG) at a rate of +5% per 1 TP.
  • Increases knockback range at +1% per TP.

  • Increases HP at rate of 6 per 1TP .
  • Increases HP regeneration (HP REGEN) at rate of 0.5 per 1 TP.
  • Received knockback gets reduced by 1%
  • (*Increases Armor at a rate of 1 per 10 TP. *Increases HP on Level-up at a rate of -untested-)

  • increases the amount of extra XP (EXTRA XP) at rate of 5% per 1 TP. (This effects passive gain from sailing, etc).
  • 0.5% price reduction at shops per point (character with highest INT counts)

  • +5% ranged weapon damage per point
  • +1% ranged weapon damage range per point
  • Reduces enemy evasion by 2.5% per point

  • +3% evasion per 1TP point
  • Evasion gets reduced by 20% for every additional enemy that is close and is targeting you
  • +1% attack speed per 1 TP point (Formula: Attackspeed = WeaponDelay/[(agi/100)+1])
  • +0.5% walkspeed per 1 TP point

  • Increases critical strike percentage (P CRIT %) at a rate of 1% per 1 TP.
  • Increases critical damage percentage (P CRIT %) at a rate of 1% per 1 TP.


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Even with a dodge rate of 100%, it seems that the pirate will still get hit. I'm unsure as to whether these are crits hitting my pirate or whether the chance of getting hit would also be affected by the dexterity of his opponents. Dodge rate does go above 100%, so perhaps the latter is true.



can someone test this theory?Well if you get agility up to 1500 because that would mean that the dodge rate would be 100 percent and I am only level 107 so the only high level stat I have is strength 720



TP gain is said to be (4 + INT/15) but when testing it today it looks like (3+ INT/15).
Can some one confirm ?



Confirmed agility, luck, vitality, and dexterity ratios. Added additional information regarding the effects of the skills.