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Doesn't Drink. (This includes not drinking in Taverns).

The pirate may obtain a random rum during travel and will most likely keep it.

The Pirate will eat little amount of food.

increase chances of landing critical hits.

If a crew mate dies, their attack speed will increase out of rage.

The pirate has more of a chance to miss an attack on an enemy

Eats 50% more food

20% miss chance when attacking.

Bullies other crew members sometimes.

Pirate can not learn any skills.

The Pirate may fall of the boat and die one day.

The Pirates loses 50% more morale than normal.

He will not learn anything while sailing.

Pirate moves faster

Pirates gets 40% more exp when sailing..

Recovers more hp than normal

Pirate is 30% slower.

Gets 1 additional TP every level up.

Asks for 5-20 gold after level up.

Dexterity is increased.

Might drop beard when killed, attackers attack speed decreases when attacking hairy pirate.

The pirate will slack off on his duties.

He will blackmail player (for gold) to spread lies about him.

Loses 50% less morale

If the pirate attacks, they will gain faster attack speed at the cost of losing morale faster than normal.

Better sell price in shops. 100% sell price for all items.

More XP when killing enemies (it only affects the pirate who lands the killing blow).

Increase dodging rate; meaning enemy will miss more.

5% chance to die on level up.

Chances of them getting paralyzed

Poops 50% faster.

When a first mate becomes Captain with this trait, you start with 1000 gold. But when you kill a crew member with rich, you can gain 100-500% more gold on Death.

The Pirate will lose hp constantly till he is dead/fed.

Pirate moves Slower

Melee Weapons have 50% more Knockback

Get 2 TP less each level.

they will teleport on your own ship when drowning for more than 3 seconds.

Steals Gold from drops.

Higher Risk of being attacked by traitors during battle. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON.

Attacks Cause 50% more Knockback on you


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Not all of them work yet. I can confirm that Old man, Fat belly - needs 50% more food(which needs to be added to this list), and poop machine - poops 50% more (also needs adding) work as ive had them on my own games :)



yeah they made them hidden but they are unhidden now sense the new patch yesterday



Yeah, I'm certain I haven't seen any of this since version If they're still in the game, they're all hidden attributes now.



Don't really know. but a lot of them still apply. I think.



Are these all from the older system?