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Getting Started

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Lets Start a New Game

Hit new game and select an empty save slot or an old save slot you no longer wish to keep.

On the screen that comes next you will be able to name your captain and world. These choices are purely aesthetic and used to identify each file on the load screen.

There is a standard campaign mode and one Arena mode to fight to the death against mobs of pirates.

  • Campaign - Regular campaign mode with some variations in the difficulty. It is changed depending on the options you choose when starting your game (Monsters, Mystery, Drama, More Ship Encounters, Morale and Hunger, Knockback settings, etc).
  • Arena - This is a fun option to choose. It is literally a pirate arena where you duke it out with AI Pirates. At the end of every fight, it gives you three options to choose from. Make your choices count!

  • Princess Mode(+) - It is Peaceful Mode where pirates won't raid your boats at low level and other crazy mishaps. start with 50 g.
  • Hardcore(+) - Much more difficult than princess mode and If you die, you will lose your save.


Creating your world

Every time you start a new game you'll be given a few choices to effect how the world is created. I'll walk you through them below

  • It's Sickening, filled with pirates, monsters, and hardships. (Monsters)
-Increases the amount of monster and pirates on the world map.

  • Fascinating, an intriguing assortment of inhabitants roam the land. (Mystery)
- Increases islands and the type of monsters that will spawn on each island. (Careful! It may spawn some strong ones)

  • Unpleasant, a province filled with dire corners and unrelenting troubles. (Drama)
- increases ports, thieves on each ports, and problematic crew members.

  • A great war tore the populace apart. (More ship encounters)
- Will get attacked by pirates more frequently during your travels.

  • A plague that killed many innocents. (Plague)
- Crew members are more prone to scurvy, etc. (Get a Doctor ASAP if chosen)

  • A very rare comet flyby brought along bad omens. (Long Dangerous Nights)
- Travel time to each place/ encounter will take longer than normal. Make sure to pack a lot of food and make use of the Sailing skill and special ship pieces to increase your sailing speed. Long nights causes lots of problems caused by drunkards, thieves, and greedy crew members.

  • He was a brave captain, his nickname was David Phelps. (Falcon Blade)
- Your captain starts off with a more powerful sword. This can really make the difference in low level encounters.
-Recommended for newer players

  • He was a lazy alcoholic known as Horke the flatulent. (Extra starting Pirate)
-You start with a free crew member named "Horke". If you often have trouble recruiting early on this can really help you get started.
-Recommended for veteran players who want more challenge

  • He was a cowardly sailor that went by the name Peonpants. (+20 Gold)
- You start with an extra 20 gold, totaling for 70 gold when you start the game. This is a poor choice all around and can make the game more difficult by denying yourself a powerful weapon or useful ally in exchange for a pittance in gold that can only be useful to buy a few food more (not necessary if you manage your resources efficiently at the beginning).
-Recommended only for experts that seek the thrill of playing in a new and challenging way

Its recommended to start with Campaign mode > Monsters > More ship encounters > Either Falcon Blade or Extra pirate, until you get the hang of game mechanics.

Captain Customization

  • Select the gender of you Captain, and then you can either cycle through random appearances or customize your Captain's appearance and voice.

Then, confirm, and select begin game.

Moving Around


- A D or Arrow keys: move camera left or right.
-Q E or Mouse wheel: Zoom the camera in or out. Mouse wheel also zooms. (This option is disabled for now).

Captain and Crew

- Left Click: Control captain to move/attack.
- Right Click: Control crew to move/attack after selecting a group.
- Keys 1-6: Groups you can assign crewmates to. Select a group to use right click.


- Interact (F): Position the captain where you want to execute interact command and click the icon. It will interact with the object. Hotkey is (F).
- Plunder: Destroy enemy ship after its crew has been killed. Will reward with gold and items. WARNING: If you plunder the ship whilst some of your crew is still on the enemy boat, you will loose that part of your crew.
- Capture: Move from your ship to the new ship. You will not gain gold coins and lose your old ship.
- Mount: Places a captured animal on your Captain or crew mates heads to transport them on/off your ship.

Pause Menu

- Space Bar or Esc: Pause game and activate the menu screen or interact with shops

Getting a crew together

Move your Captain to the Tavern and speak with the barkeep.
Taverns essentially shops where you buy crew members (you can also SELL crew members here).
ATTENTION: If you kill a non-crew member pirate in a town, he will no longer be available to be bought, because he's dead.



Here you can buy skill books and a few other bits including bandages.
It's recommended to buy fishing, cleaning and cooking asap. Sell valuables here as well (Pearls, oyster shells, etc.).


  • Fruits/Watermelons/Ramen - Can be eaten unprepared/Doesn't require the cooking before eating.
  • Meat/Fish - Require a Cook To Cook It/Require Cooking
  • Rum - Can Be Drank By Placing it

Ship yard

Buy ship parts too expand or spruce up your ship, until you have your ultimate pirate ship.

World Map

The World Map Is a map displaying areas close to you. You use It to travel to nearby places. These are the icons you'll see in the World Map:

Event: An event is a random occurrence that can happen if you sail to a place named 'Event'. Small actions happen in an event like earning money after some sailing or a crew member getting into a small accident.

Legendary Ship: These Legendary Ships have cannons and a danger level of 1000. They have an army of crew members and a LOT of coins.

Pirate: Just a hostile pirate ship that will fight you with a level ranging from 1-7.

Neutral (disabled in the current version of the game): A Neutral encounter is a fishing ship filled with fishermen. They are all equipped with fishing rods, so they are a good, easy target for looting.
(Protip; Neutral ships have fish and a bigger ship. Try capturing Neutral level 1 ship at beginning)

Island: Just an island filled with a chest and some monsters like tribesmen, hobos, crabs and other animals. The inhabitants of these islands can differ depending on the answers to the questions at the beginning, so just don't be surprised when a spider jumps on your captain's head when you set foot on an island.

Town: A town filled with shops and other pirates! you can see a list below the name of the island where there are all the different shops and services you can find if you visit there.

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