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Pressing F8 enables cheat keyboard commands. Hitting F8 again doesn't turn it off, seems that currently the only way to disable again is to load. Note that these keyboard commands will also trigger group selections when hit as the key bindings overlap the group selection keys.

  • 1 - Heal Everything (Health/Hunger/Morale)
  • 2 - Teleport all friendlies back to ship
  • 3 - Cannonball fires from your ship towards reticle at mouse cursor location
  • 4 - Teleport Captain to mouse cursor location
  • 5 - Random weapons/items and lots of gold
  • 6 - Level Up for all crew & animals
  • 7 - "Take a crap!" Poop appears at Captain
  • 8 - "Clean (throw) one of the craps!"
  • 9 - Spawns 3 crew members at level 119 with random weapons & stats


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F8 Doesn't work...



Guessing nobody knows or is bothered by the devs taking cheats/ dev console out. 
Bethesda lets you use console, what's the big deal if we've payed for it? And Pirates most certainly do cheat, don't give me that crap.