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Change Log


11 Jul 2014

  • Fixed bug where throwable projectiles were not deleted after some time.
  • Fixed bug where you some thing could talk... for example urn talking.
  • Fixed bug where you depth of field options didnt work at the main menu settings.

  • When enemy pirate drowns your crew shares that XP.
  • You can now plunder ship even if the urns are on the ship
  • All weapon shops now sell Shovel,Fishing rod and Animal Cage
  • Cannon blast radius decreased.
  • Pirates that are in a group (Gunner) will now use cannons as primary weapons and won't wander off to melee attack other pirates, they will defend themselves if they are attacked.

  • Added Chicken Nest encounter on the island.
  • Added Skeleton Bones encounter on the island.


5 Jul 2014

  • Fixed bug where you could UNEQUIP empty ranged weapon causing inventory to break
  • Increased Grapple lifetime so that it doesn't disappear when you are mid way boarding enemy ship, this prevents the bug where pirates are stuck on the grapple.

  • Vitality & Agility no longer change grappling speed.
  • If you fail to capture animal with Animal Cage they wont aggro anymore on you, this give you a chance to capture it without harming yourself but in exchange for time.


4 Jul 2014

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to ensure the proper functioning of the game and until we come up with a standard a definitive and stable savegame format, SAVE FILES HAVE BEEN RESET and will be reseted until we come up with such standard savegame format (most likely during next week).

  • Added 2 new types of bushes that drop berries with small chance when they are attacked
  • Added urns to some ships, they sometimes drop gold when broken!
  • Different Enemy ships added!

  • You can now walk on the destroyed ship blocks
  • You can move move camera up and down!
  • Remade some icons that are over the pirates head
  • New Chest opening effect
  • All Crew members can now collect loot, not just your captain
  • Enemy ship generator completely remade from scratch and now support very custom creation of the ship. (so far only tier 1-6 encounters work, the other ones will give you error)
  • Improved Enemy pirate Grapple hook control.

  • Plunder now re-added and you get more gold over difficulty
  • Removed Spider webs for now
  • Poop morale loss nerf!
  • Pirates don't poop that often, but the poop is now more dangerous
  • Gull poop rate decreased
  • Changed how weapon damage is calculated.
  • Dexterity and Agility are now +100% more effective.
  • Vitality now decreases movement and grapple speed, tanky builds are now slow, raise agility to even stats out if you want.
  • Intelligence no longer gives extra TP, Intelligence now increases Passive XP gain by 3 instead of 1.

  • Fixed exploit where you can kick & hire pirate again to have low salary
  • Fixed bug where pirates would sometimes spawn in water when in a ship combat
  • Fixed bug where you could capture enemy ship when sailing and there is no ships around.
  • Fixed bug where pirates would not eat food that is near the edges.
  • Fixed bug where morale difficulty settings didn't work.

  • Optimized Simulator Engine, less laggy when there is big ship and alot of pirates!
  • Optimized Ship renderer system and its now 100% times faster (good if you have bad GPU)!


25 Jun 2014

  • Spiky Bushes added, careful or you will hit the spike and take damage (have weapons with high attack range to avoid damage)!
  • Explosive Kegs added, they are like crates but when explode do tons of damage!
  • Some new loots added to the NPCs
  • You can now encounter rats!
  • Game Over sound effect added

  • Game no longer freezes when you go to desktop!
  • Adjusted some balance.
  • Bandages are now cheaper, elixirs are a bit more expensive now.
  • Weapon info tool tip now shows proper information about weapons stats
  • Grindstones upgrade chance is now based on the weapons upgrade level instead of a static %
  • Max Weapon Level is now 100 instead of 6.
  • Each UPGRADE Star on weapon increases that weapons damage by 4%.
  • Bleed effect now prevents hp regen and deals 2-4 damage each tick, buy bandages to counter this.
  • Eating food now recovers 5 hp per each bite.
  • Combat is now even more smoother, pirates will not properly stop when attacking someone rather than bumping into each other.
  • Units that grapple on your ship and don't find target will try grapple back on their ship, they will also try to grapple back to their ship when they are low on hp!
  • If poop collides with enemy pirates and they are on grapple hook then their hook will break! (this is only when your poop hits enemy)

  • Fixed bug where pirates would not clean dead bodies off the ship.
  • Fixed bug where pirates head would not decimate during the battle
  • Fixed bug where pirates would get stuck on the edge off the ship
  • Fixed bug where you could sell some items for more than they are worth

PATCH 0.8.3 (Level Scaling Removed + Balancing of the game)

24 Jun 2014

This update breaks save files because the update is overhauling the balance.

There is just too much changes in the balancing system so i will just explain whats the point of the balance update:
  • Gold is now more valuable!
  • Pirates now scale based on island location, further locations from center of the map are more dificult
  • Pirates now endure more damage and stats that you train them have more impact on them!
  • Sell prices adjusted
  • Loots for all mobs changed.

  • When you begin the new game you have preconstructed ship waiting you, no need to build your first raft yourself!
  • New Level UP effect.
  • Improved Admin tools, we can now easily create more NPCs, this will speed up content creation.
  • Group deselection removed after the right mouse command.
  • Notifactions added when nobody is selected.
  • Quick Save menu removed.
  • Game now Quick Saves when sailing somewhere and when arriving to some island.

  • Crew member stuck on ship or midair, after removing block witch had grappling hook attached.
  • Capturing ship causes all pirates to drown


23 Jun 2014

  • 13 new epic melee weapons, defeat boss to get one or find a buried chest.
  • Added Shovel & Treasure Hunt skill, with those you can search for the treasure on any island

  • New Pirate Grouping mechanism, you can now set pirates to a different group to have better control. (groups are not saved yet, because it would break your saves, we will implement saving of groups for 1.0)

To move your crew you should take a look at the groups listed in the upper part of the screen. There you'll have to select them by mouse clicking or also using 1-5 keys. Once you select them you'll be able to give commands to the crew members belonging to that concrete group.
Retreat Pirate configuration added, pirate will retreat to the ship when low on hp now.
Enemy pirates will now try to board your ship if they don't have any target on your ship!

  • XP gain reduced by ton when sailing.
  • Move speed increased a little

  • Bug Report form has been replaced with a REAL Bug Tracker. Click 'report bug' in the main menu.
  • F5 to take ingame screenshot!
  • Users can now bind their own keys when starting the game

  • Sometimes knockback force would be calculated in the wrong direction
  • Music volume was not set right away when in-game
  • When sailing off from a ship battle, if crew was on the other ship, they will drown when loading a saved game
  • Can't use the interact command except on treasure chests
  • Sometimes the left side of the ship would move down one block when loading a game
  • Ladder of width 1 would not let pirates up on the deck when fighting a ship
  • Player was not able to walk on Order ships
  • Crash when engaging Order ships
  • Fixed bug where your pirates would teleport in a water for no reason!
  • Fixed bug when cleaning a dead body would cause annoying sounds and bug that pirate!
  • Fixed visual bug when pirates would clip in a sky for moment when using grapple.


13 Jun 2014

  • Fixed bug where your pirates would sometimes spawn in a water after capturing enemy ship.
  • Fixed bug where your pirates would spawn in a water after grappling to a small ship.
  • Fixed bug where captain customization was snot shown properly in 1027 resolution


13 Jun 2014

  • Added captain customization UI when starting new game. LMB/RMB on the labels to do things.
  • Report bugs via handy button in the main menu. Please submit lots so we can fix everything!
  • When in a tavern, the sound effects are more quiet so the music can play more clearly
  • Interact when holding a shovel to dig up buried things! Will you find a treasure? Who knows! Beware though, failed treasure hunts drain morale...
  • Awesome soundtrack by Kole Hicks is now fully added!
  • Hotkey for the interact command now set to F
  • Player can now access game settings from the pause menu while playing
  • Invisible wall on the first island when starting a new game
  • Fishing System overhauled completely! :)

  • Starting GOLD Decreased.
  • Less gold from plundering.

New languages added to translations, stay tuned for even more in the
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese - BR

  • Added 9 new hairstyle options for male pirates
  • Added new weapon: Shovel. Available at the nearest weapon store.future!


8 Jun 2014

  • Fixed bugs with wonky movement
  • Pathfinding improvements, pirates should walk, and not get stuck.


6 Jun 2014

  • Implemented recalculating pathfinding grids dynamically to improve performance
  • As requested, flying poop no longer drops pirates from the grappling hook

  • When using the browse pirates buttons, animals are also shown
  • When capturing a ship, unopened treasure chests would not be deleted properly
  • Island characters were spawning at the left edge of map
  • Cannonballs were not properly removed if the pirate holding them was killed
  • Unable to capture legendary ships and access menu afterward
  • Island pathfinding was not updating properly
  • Fixed bug where bounty mission was not reset when starting new game.


30 May 2014

  • Player can now sell entire stacks of items in the store as well as single items
  • Player can now unequip passives and ranged items by right-clicking on them
  • Poop that has been "kicked" in the air (cleaned) by pirates can now collide with things and cause damage!
  • Poop can be kicked both left and right
  • Tweaked poop launch velocity to be more randomized
  • New cheat codes (some poop-related!)

  • Player was able to equip ranged weapon upgrades without having a ranged weapon equipped
  • A slowdown was occurring when commanding many pirates to board or leave the ship
  • Lag spikes relative to pathfinding grid updates
  • Optimized code, should run a little bit more smoothly


23 May 2014

  • Fixed bug where camera was not working when in pause screen.
  • Fixed bug where animals die out of hunger.


23 May 2014

  • Added new skill: Swimming (800 G, 10 TP). Pirates who can swim are teleported back to the ship when drowning
  • New camera controls: Press C to make the camera focus on the captain (hold C to have camera follow), use mouse wheel to zoom in and out, hold shift to move the camera more slowly
  • Browse pirate cards of your crew by new handy UI browse arrows (and up/down on the keyboard)
  • Added new music composed by Kole Hicks!
  • Having the captain close to a tavern now plays tavern music tracks
  • Sea Shanty song now gives crew and captain 25% morale boost
  • Shop now displays items you can't afford in red

  • Sea shanty was playing all the time. Now sea shanty has a 5-minute cooldown before it can play again
  • Sailing away when part of the crew was at peer would cause the crew to drown. Any crew on the peer is now teleported to the ship when leaving port.
  • Pirates were not drinking rum onboard when low on morale. Pirates' drinking problem has been resolved.
  • Cannon balls would sometimes not be removed correctly
  • + Secret stuff (F1 for more info)


17 May 2014

  • Fixed BUG where food was spawned on enemy ships in the air and if you captured them it would prevent your pirates from eating or cooking certain food.

  • Added 3 new shantie songs from kole!

  • You can now pay everyones salary with 1 button!


15 Apr 2014

  • Fixed BUG where Hunger didnt decrease
  • Fixed BUG where xp bar would increase even after reaching max lv.

  • Max Lvl is now 255 instead of 99, i am testing this and want to hear your results!
  • Shop Merchants now drop a lot of gold!
  • Animals now poop! 2 Times faster than normal pirates.
  • Hobos can't be captured anymore by the animal cages.

  • Added Bounty System! There is a guy in a town somewhere near the wanted posters who will give you a quest to assassinate 1 person randomly selected on a world map. Should be fun :)


2 May 2014

  • Added new PET SYSTEM, you can now capture animals that roam pixel piracy lands! All animals that you see in the game can be captured by animal cage. Animals that you might encounter: Chickens,Dogs,Boars,Tortoises,Crabs,Spiders,Parrots.
  • You can transport your animals with the new MOUNT button located near other action buttons!
  • Teach SKILLS & Abilities to your animals from the Animal Page!
  • Right now you don't need to feed your animals and they dont lose morale!

  • Added SHIP REPAIR ability.
  • Added 1 new ranged weapon (Animal Cage)
  • Added 4 Abstract paintings that you can put on your ship
  • Added Early Version of the ITEM list Scrollbar

  • Fixed bug where ranged weapons would cause knokback to the attackers, causing them to sink.
  • Food & Morale Rates adjusted

  • We have been working on getting new music in the game for quite some time, and have been able to put a lot of the new funds to good use by hiring the impressive talent of composer Kole Hicks, for now, the Main Menu theme has been changed, but expect many more songs and sea shanties to come!


15 Apr 2014

  • Own ship now have lifebar, if lifebar reaches 0 then the ship will sink!

  • Fixed 3 BUGS that cause LINUX & MAC builds not function properly!


7 Apr 2014

  • When starting a new game you can now change how fast hunger & morale decreases
  • Can adjust knockback ratios in the beginning as well!

  • Fixed bug where cannon toggle broke some cannon actions.


4 Apr 2014

  • Removed Old Man Perk
  • You can now order your units to stop shooting with cannons
  • Pirates should try not to fire their own boat now if there is a enemy on boat!

  • Jade Katar
  • Giant Hammer
  • Red Sword
  • Bee Blade
  • Twin Blade
  • Kamaru Blade
  • Dao
  • Viking Sword
  • Viking Blade
  • Mjolnir
  • Viking Spear
  • Staff Sword

  • Sushi
  • Power Band
  • Chinese Coin
  • Chinese Kaboom
  • Soldier Shield
  • Soldier Stone
  • Soldier Vest
  • Manga
  • Admiral Leggings
  • Hour Glass
  • Monk Statue
  • Thors Undies
  • Viking Elixir
  • Butter
  • Diamond

  • Dynasty (Asian)
  • Empire (England)
  • Republic (Spanish)
  • Order (Vikings)
  • Each faction resides in 1 of the corners of the game world!

  • Fragile

  • 4 Factions now have each 4 different ship building materials to define their ship style.


20 Mar 2014

Now every pirate has a 50% chance or so to have 1 to 2 random perks. Perks have different intresting positive or negative boost attached to them.

We are now going to be focusing on the ship tiles as well! Here are some new ones.

  • Giant Axe
  • Tribal Meat

  • Game now asks if you want to be a female.

  • If screen stays for a long time black, the game will try to remove the black screen.


16 Mar 2014

  • Added ability to disable blur from the game as some people reported that it caused lag. Disabling depth now will disable blur as well.
  • If you save your game now while you are on a enemy ship and load game up, the pirates will now spawn *on your ship. Corrupt saves can't be fixed.
  • You need to double click Load Game and "Quit Game" to perform this tasks at the pause menu.
  • Optimized UI, the chat bubbles should not lag that much now!
  • Added tool tips to the pause menu actions.
  • Added new stuff to the sea horizon.
  • Tweaked camera!
  • Added sound when a dead body collides with an object.


15 Mar 2014

  • Camera ZOOM added! Q/E keys!
  • Improved Game Colors! Game looks more gamey now :)
  • Game now has a new visual effect (Depth of Field).
  • UI CPU usage improved a bit (optimization)!

  • Fixed bug where you could not control camera when game was paused!

  • Nerfed Crabs!


14 Mar 2014

  • Camera movement experience improved!
  • You can now rename any pirate that is in your crew! Simply click pirate name at the summary!
  • Chests improved! They now can drop ultimate abilities, there is 9 ultimate abilities so far!

PATCH 0.50

13 Mar 2014

  • Improved Creature creator, should not give weapons to the animals sometimes.
  • Fixed BUGS in a simulation engine where pirates sometimes didn't do any their tasks if there was enemies that they couldn't reach.

  • Added 3 new items: Hobo Rags, Cigar, Salted Fish.
  • Added New Weapon from Terraria called Starfury.

  • Hobos are now hostile
  • Food value increased from 25% to 30%.


10 Mar 2014

  • Life Buoy sometimes failed to spawn drowning pirate in the middle of the ship.
  • If a pirate had low morale he would not even get off the boat when the island area was present to get rum from tavern.
  • If you save your game and your pirate drown in water if you load game up.
  • Remind me later was not working.. silly me!


8 Mar 2014

  • Fixed Bug where pirates didn't drink rum on ship when morale was lower than 60%.
  • Fixed Bug where if you travel alone to an event then the game will freeze on 99%.

  • Can now Quick Load when you lose game.
  • Can now Quick Load from the pause menu.


5 Mar 2014

  • Fixed bug where cannon balls would not impact ships

  • Saving game is now much faster!
  • Removed menu that asks if you want to quick save. It will now always quick save!


2 Mar 2014

  • Grapple system that prevented pirates to use grapple hook.
  • Enemy pirates didn't know how to use new simulation system, they now use cannons and etc.
  • In a tavern where pirates would not eat sometimes.

  • When killing someone you will know how much exp someone gets.
  • Pirates now have armor evasion.
  • Pirates now have xp gain modifier, movement modifier.
  • Luck now affects what kind events you will encounter at sea
  • XP Gain formulate improved when killing enemy
  • Training Swords now scale better with levels (more exp gain)
  • Pause Menu now shows hp once again


1 Mar 2014

  • GRAPPLE Bug, where your pirates would grapple back to your ship and your other pirates on a enemy ship.
  • Simulation engine, pirates are now less retarded, thanks Adasan for the save file :)
  • UI Error when paying salary and pressing exit quickly
  • Main Menu spikes
  • Some improvements to the path finding

  • If you try pay salary and pirate has full morale money wont be taken anymore
  • Added feedback when your captain has active target
  • Weapon inventory now shows weapons level
  • Info System will now inform you when someone starts to mutiny. (helps to understand the game)
  • Main Menu has now Facebook & Twitter buttons, please follow us!


28 Feb 2014

  • Physics would run even on a objects that are already static
  • When you use Consumable item and passive equip is unequipped!
  • Barrel would not be added to your inventory if you removed it from ship.
  • SHIP hull was always black, now its darker, but not black!

  • New Hit point bars! You will love them :)


28 Feb 2014

  • Starting a new game and background question menu have black background
  • Some pirates were too big.
  • Dead pirates sprite blood would be visible in a ship shadows
  • Remade SIMULATION Engine (fixed many bugs).

  • Added Scimitar weapon

  • When pirates impact on a ground they will have new effect
  • Dead pirates can now be cleaned by cleaners
  • Crew Summary page upgrades! (shows primary skills and shows medals, this medals tell who has best stat values)


26 Feb 2014

  • Fixed BUG where game would freeze on 4% or 7% percent when sailing
  • Black screen fix

  • Hunger issues tweaked.. pirates should not starve that fast anymore and die.
  • Also new attributes have following effects;
- fat = 40% bigger + 20 vit
- muscular = + 10 str + 10 vit
- stickly build = - 10 str , - 10 vit
- scarred = +5 tp, + 20 luck
- athletic = +20 agi, + 10 str
- dumb = very low int, hard to train
- daring = +40% base hp


26 Feb 2014

  • Improved colliders and disabled 3D space, pirate should no longer slide on Z axis and sink.

  • Added new encounter type "Event", if you sail there something might happen. So far has 3 different scenarios.


16 Feb 2014

  • Improved Visuals for blood effect!
  • Grapple speed increased
  • Some collider changes again, some problems with clipping might occur.
  • Improved Escape mechanism when you are fighting 1vs1, should be easier to give commands to your captain.

  • Fixed BUG where your captain would drink all rum on the ship!


15 Feb 2014

  • BUG where weapon shops did not sell any ranged weapons!
  • Few BUGS that could cause infinite TRAVEL Bug
  • BUG where Weapon shop did not show special information of the weapon
  • Some island colliders that cause pirates to fall off in the middle of the islands

  • Cost of many TP books have been decreased!
  • First Mate Ability added
  • Weapon shows will sell more weapons now.. atleast they will try to
  • Pirates should appear more often than a dogs on the islands


15 Feb 2014

  • Fixed BUG where you could capture neutral ships without any effort
  • Fixed BUG where you could not attack crates or sometimes other enemies.
  • Fixed BUG where some labels didnt display any data due to the translation system we implemented
  • Fixed BUG where pirates would not eat or drink in the taverns sometimes
  • Fixed BUG where Tortoise Claw didn't any XP

  • Poop throwing effects!
  • Neutral NPCs will now become hostile if you try to board their ship!
  • Tavern now SHOW Total Attribute value of each pirate.
  • Added tooltips to the weapon shops!
  • Town Islands are now 35% bigger, this increases chances of them having more shops!

  • New item: Monkey Tail
  • New item: Mini Pistol


14 Feb 2014

  • Fixed some labels that had translation system attached to them causing weird stuff.. like Jack *Blackbeard
  • Fixed bug where Elephants would spawn on your boat

  • Added more information to the world map.. can see town population and shops that this island have, only works for explored islands
  • Added ability to turn on v-sync


13 Feb 2014

  • Added Translation System to the game, modders check config folder!
  • Added Tutorial System to the Main Menu
  • Added Tactical Menu when you press SPACE BAR
  • Can now control GRAPPLE ai behavior for each pirate.

  • Plenty of BUG Fixes.
  • Removed flying Gnomes that appear sometimes

  • Fixed BUG where button appears that steal all your money
  • Fixed BUG where translation system didnt allow you to change captains name or world name

8 Feb 2014

We at Quadro Delta are proud to announce a new updated company/pixel piracy website at www.piracysim.com, as well as the inauguration of a rather large wiki at http://pixelpiracy.gamepedia.com/ which will serve as our OFFICIAL wiki page from now on.


31 Jan 2014

  • Islands are now much bigger! No more mini islands full of enemies

  • Fixed BUG where chest was on the edge of the island
  • Possible FIX when sail gets bugged.
  • Plunder now works only if enemy ship is EMPTY, means you cant accident blow anymore :)

PATCH (Hobos and Limit Breakers AKA Ultimates)

31 Jan 2014


  • 5 New Abilities
  • 5 New ULTIMATE Skills (some shops sell or boss drop), automatically used when low on hp. 1 per pirate
  • 10 New items
  • Added New Island content: Berry Bush, Hobos
  • New Weapon : Wooden Stick
  • Added Fisherman Boats & Cargo Ships

  • Battles are now more SPACED OUT. Should be less pixel messy :P
  • Added support for Renown system, currently serves as score.
  • Some Balancing to xp and weapons.

PATCH (Chickens, Tortoises, Pink Panties Boss Encounters!)

25 Jan 2014

  • 15 New Items for your pirates to consume or equip!
  • Added passive critters: Tortoise
  • Added Legendary Enemies (boss encounters)
  • 4 New Weapons (Rare Blades)!

  • Fixed bug where screen would flip when you press pause
  • Improved World Generator
  • Fixed bug where pirates would not want to leave tavern

  • Crew passive XP Gain increased from 100% to 400%, crew gets now faster levels!
  • Weapon passive effects have higher proc chances now!


22 Jan 2014

  • Some targeting tweaks
  • Fixed bug where encounters in north west are too difficulty
  • Some tweaks to the infinite travel bug?


21 Jan 2014

  • Changed World Map System, made it grid based.
  • World Generator is now 500% faster!
  • Bug fixed where your pirate spawns in a water in the beggining of the game
  • You can name your captain now!
  • Balancing to pirates max hunger and max morale.
  • Fishermen now appear only if you take monsters.


20 Jan 2014

  • Some changes to targeting mechanism
  • Fixed KICK crew member bug
  • Fixed PLUNDER bug where sometimes plundering was not working.


11 Jan 2014

  • Shop System Remade (old one was bad)
  • A lot of CREW UI improvements!
  • Pirate morale is now displayed above their heads!
  • Weapons are now dropped once again with 30% chance!

  • 13 New Abilities
  • Around 100 new bios!
  • New Shop type added: Passive Item shop! They sell ability books


6 Jan 2014

  • All those from that i sadly don't remember
  • Fixed Food Values
  • Fixed EXPLOIT where you can take food and place it again if its already consumed

  • New VISUALS for LOOT Collecting
  • Training Point System for pirates, when pirate levels up he gains extra points that you can use.
  • Events when sailing and arriving improved (faster)
  • Some more USER Feedback
  • Pirates now have funny BIOS!
  • Taverns offer food!
  • Balancing!

PATCH 10 Day Holiday!

26 Dec 2013

  • World Map Generator Improved
  • Some Balancing
  • You can now directly order you crew with right mouse as well

  • Fixed bug where you could stock infinite amount of food in a barrel
  • Fixed bug where distant ships were not deleted properly resulting alot of ships


25 Dec 2013

  • OpenGL Client added (-> LINUX SUPPORT)
  • Visited places are now visible on the map even if out of range
  • Improved water horizons
  • Ships now have speed, certain items increase speed of the ship
  • Bunch of Balance changes!
  • Starting Questions now have more purpose!
  • New Item: Falcon Blade

  • Improved FriendSystem AI so it's less DERP.
  • Starting island is no longer empty in some strange situations (needs more testing but results are great so far).


24 Dec 2013

  • Pirate Friendship System added.
  • Food/Rum System improved, you can store them in a barrels and rum bottles now create waste just like the crap.
  • Quartermaster removed.
  • Gunslinger perk removed
  • New Control System added (Right mouse commands removed)
  • New class Gunslinger added, gunslingers don't need ammo and they start with Veronica Pistols
  • Food cant be placed while on sea anymore
  • Combat knockbacks increased
  • Event System visuals improved
  • All Class icons improved
  • Added Females! You can now be female :)
  • World Map now shows EXPLORED locations
  • You can issue attack command on a single targets, beware if they have allies nearby!

  • Fixed BUG where you could attack dead pirate forever
  • Fixed BUG where sailor cleaning didnt work as intended
  • Fixed BUG where pirate generator used only red color shades
  • Few other error fixes


20 Dec 2013

  • Improved UI
  • Tactical UI when pressing space early concept added! you can see hp of everyone, later you will be able to issue tactical commands to have very combat deep gameplay
  • Added new weapons: Flail : has passive bonus that causes AOE damage to the ships hull, Medicine Bottle throwable item that heals allies on impact
  • World Map shows in overlay explorer locations
  • Crew Menu has better separator to help read stats
  • Current main mode renamed to hardcore & added new mode Princess Mode that wont delete any save files if you lose the game, hardcore mode will reset your save file and has aswell 400 starting gold in beginning.
  • Starting boost decreased!

  • Fixed bug where ships of level 3 didn't have any hull
  • Fixed bug where chest would float if you plunder them before taking loot
  • Fixed UI bug where sometimes info bar would be below crew list blocking the display
  • Fixed few bugs in Arena Mode, works perfectly now!
  • Fixed bug where animals could have perk that paralyzes them
  • Fixed bug where ship generator could not spawn chests sometimes


19 Dec 2013

  • Added Support for custom game modes!
  • New game mode added: Survival Arena
  • Captain now starts always with a pistol and good perks.


18 Dec 2013

  • New Items: Ginger Beard, Brown Beard, Rosary and Plate Armor
  • New Perks: Old, Seasick, Hairy, Paralysis, Anorexia, Maniac, Gunslinger, Nimble, Assassin
  • Improved battle system, fight should be more action packed
  • Grind Stone has now 100% upgrade chance
  • All secondary weapon effects now work

  • Fixed bug where pirate sometimes didn't want to grapple properly.
  • Fixed bug where crabs started attack everyone once fight erupted


17 Dec 2013

  • New Weapons: Stilletto, Trident, Long Sword and Katana
  • Added some new Hair Styles and Faces
  • Added new class Doctor
  • Made more fighting space to the enemy ships
  • You can pay salary to captain
  • Some balancing done
  • Your pirates wont be attacked right away when boarding enemy ships!
  • Game Auto Saves game when you set sail somewhere!
  • Added Experimental SIDE bonuses to weapons that dont work yet


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Didn't know you could rename pirates and zoom with q/e. Cool to know =)