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Pixel Piracy is a 2d side-scrolling sea piracy simulator. In Pixel Piracy you can be the pirate you always wanted, hire new recruits, plunder or capture ships on the sea, customize your ship and much more.

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Caption A 2d side-scrolling sea piracy simulator.
Developer Quadro Delta
Platforms Microsoft Windows Linux
Genre RPG, roguelike, strategy, simulation
Media steam


Pixel Piracy is a 2d side-scrolling open world piracy simulator. In the game, the player leads the life of a pirate captain. Recruit a crew, outfit and customize your ship and set sail on the open seas. There you?ll use any combination of aggression, diversion and trade to become the most infamous pirate crew of the seven seas! You can raid, pillage and plunder everything in your path, divert and lie to get what you want or trade for a quick buck. But remember to pay your salary, train your crew, upgrade your ship! and Be careful though, death is everywhere and may surprise you in the most unexpected moment! Adventure awaits!



- A D or Arrow keys: move camera left or right.
-Q E or Mouse wheel: Zoom the camera in or out. (This option is disabled for now)

Captain and Crew

- Left Click: Control captain to move/attack.
- Right Click: Control crew to move/attack after selecting a group.
- Keys 1-6: Groups you can assign crew mates to. Select a group to use right click.


The game makes you control a pirate captain whose purpose is to gather a crew and defeat the Four Legendary Pirates:
You are free to combat, craft, or sail as much as you want (or you can). At the beginning, you will be able to customize the difficulty settings. The game starts with captain on a peaceful island where you will be able to craft your own ship (that?s made out of sets of boxes).
It?s recommendable to buy some food to carry on your ship, they will allow you to survive for a longer time. The next step is to travel around the island and get some experience by defeating enemies that are around the same level as you. Once you gathered a nice amount of gold, then go improve your skills and eventually hire a crew for your ship. While you travel, you have to demonstrate your leadership to your crew: feed the good and provide necessary equipment. If not, you may be killed by your starved crew. Also, the other dangers that you must be aware of are enemy pirates, or, at high levels, by cats and chickens.
When your captain dies, you will be able to resume the game from the last savepoint.
Leaving with your ship on the sea will make you able to chose a location. Destinations differ in population and how dangerous can be for you and your crew.
The ship moves on its own, but it will stop when you are in danger to be attacked by other ships. You can decide if you want to face them or try to avoid the fight, in case you face them (or cannot avoid them) if you win, you will be awarded with a nice loot depending on how rich those pirates are and how high its level was. Thanks to the training points you get after fights, sailing, etc, you will be able to upgrade your own and your crew`s stats.
When you arrive at a destination, the people living there can be friendly or aggressive, be careful!



  • Poison runs 10 seconds
  • Poison is stackable (up to 5 stacks)
  • Each stack of poison does 1% dmg of the victims maximum life per second (5 stacks = 5% dmg)
  • If the attacker inflicts a new poison stack, the timer refreshes to 10 seconds
  • If the 10 seconds run out, the victim loses all poison stacks


  • Burn runs 5 seconds
  • Burn is not stackable
  • Burn does 3% dmg of the victims maximum life per second
  • If the attacker inflicts burn status again, the timer refreshes to 5 seconds


  • Bleed runs 10 seconds
  • Bleed is not stackable
  • Bleed does X% dmg based on the dmg of the last hit that the attacker has dealt every second
  • The victim will receive 20 dmg every second for 10 seconds
  • If the attacker inflicts bleed again, the timer refreshes to 10 seconds and the dmg per second is based on that last hit (even if it dealt less dmg)


  • Stun runs 5 seconds
  • Stops movement and weapon delay cooldowns
  • Evasion is reduced to 0%


  • It has 5 tiers, the first two stacks apply some positive stat modifiers and some negative, and stacks 3-5 have mostly negative overall (+LUCK, - to all other stats). Also, the stacks that are on Drunk, are not all removed when the effect runs out but rather one stack is reduced and then the timer restarts, until there are no more stacks.


  • Scurvy affects you if don't eat fresh fruit, oysters or veggies with vitamins for a long time. Avoid it! Don't eat only fish! Lemon also heals scurvy. Certain foods have "vitamins" that reset the status effect, when you don't eat "vitamins", you get stacks of Scurvy status effect over time, and it has increasingly negative effects, first some stat debuff, then you start to take damage and move more slowly and have reduced damage and so on... until you die. So you need to make sure your guys don't just eat fish

  • Each stack increases each 15 minutes if you didn't eat "vitamin" food, and at 5 stacks (75 minutes) you take so much damage it's impossible to survive

Healing (not finished yet)

  • Heal runs 10 seconds
  • Heal is not stackable
  • Heals a fixed amount of health per second (based on item, skills and stats)

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  • Gameiki User Gravatar

    Hello misters I am a guy from Mexico and I bought the game and in the settings I see it is not traduce at all so I can traduce the games in a few mouths or weeks it depends how long the game is ( I haven't finished the game ) If someone who knows the creator here's my twitter account @verdugoteote I'll be so happy to make this project. Thanks for reading.

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    Can I get a free copy of the game I really want to play, please. Thanks!

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    Please I want it so bad

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    If there is more copys I want one!

  • Gameiki User Gravatar

    can i please get a copy of the game? thanks

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    i love games like this, the game that alow creativity to be used to win the game, and i would love to get a copie of this game

  • Gameiki User Gravatar

    Woo! Hope there is more copies! =D

  • Gameiki User Gravatar

    I very like this game and like your wiki (and mod for terraria it helping me to test items) Can i please get one copy of game ? :3 me : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198039249674 Thanks for game if you will give it to me :3

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    ...... This game is a rip off....... its like playing copywrited terraria >_< but..... I cant get into steam.. so   if this is nit for steam.... I will buy it XD


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