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Gameiki welcomes Pixel Piracy

by Bear in Pixel Piracy / News

Gameiki is proud to be the official community site for Pixel Piracy. Our team has been playing hours and hours of Pixel Piracy and we are addicted. Needless to say we had to cover this game. We reached out to the creators of Pixel Piracy and are now working with them to bring you the best community possible for such a great game. We hope you like the site and we will continue to make it the most complete source for everything Pixel Piracy related. The development team has made an amazing game and we feel very honored they chose us to be their community site.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be improving the site as much as possible. A few things that are coming to the community are custom fonts, forum icons, a fully completed wiki, contests, and much more. We are dedicated to helping this game prosper and we hope you enjoy the site.

Thank you and enjoy the game. - Bear


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i would love to play the game it's the best