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This Game Needs...

by ChromeFlux in Pixel Piracy / Discussion

Hello everyone, I just joined the Pixel Piracy wiki to get a free copy of the game! because.. i'm poor and.. stuff. But also to be helpful and nice and you know.. other stuff.. So i decided to create a forum thread that would help Pixel Piracy with it's feedback organization. If you have any feedback you would like to speak to the developers about, feel free to put it here! There will be Three Groups. 1.) If you have a suggestion to add something new to the game, 2.) If you have a suggestion to change something in the game, or 3.) If you have a passion to remove something because it just needs removing. Please order your comments starting with 1.) 2.) or 3.) so that we can be organized and do our best to help the game.

Let's do our best to get free copies! i mean *COUGH* to.. be helpful and nice :D


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