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Plunder Bug

by Capn_Ba11 in Pixel Piracy / Discussion

Plunder not working at all in newest patch (June 23rd?), I've beaten several Level 2 through Level 4 pirate ships, hit <plunder>, and only gotten 50 gold.  No items at all.  I've considered making a tiny raft and just capturing every one for teardown, but that seems...gamesy.


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I have also had this bug.



I too am experiencing this bug and its annoying as hell. I've plundered multiple level 6, 7 and 8 ships and get only gold. No parts. This mechanic (as well as Morale) was fine on Sunday, then 0.8 and the even worse 0.8.5 came out and ruined this game for me.

Morale drops faster than ever and I spend more time babysitting my crew members so they don't get unhappy than having fun and pirating. Simply unplayable for me right now.

Please fix these main issues, this game was awesome on Monday and it has been crapped on with these last patches.