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by kevinmanuel in Pixel Piracy / Discussion


, I really need to knwo if this render engine can do indoor renders when there is Spec materials involved. I have tried to reduce mesh lights (black bodie) to as low as 1 and crank up exposure very high, but if i have a figure in the scene with gold metal arm bands or carrying a steal sward I get crap results hotpixes all over near the metals and lots of noise even after 20k passes...This in a room with 4 walls a floor and a ceiling no HDRI no environment. I take the walls down and use HDRI or Sun and the iamges look fine (with out the lighting/shadows) I want - its way to flat with HDRI and in a room I cant use sun light etc.... This is really frustrating, is Octane just not a good engine to use if I need to leverage mesh lighting?Using HotPix removal slider makes the iamge look blury if i go were i need to in order to remove this. 

Please help.

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