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  1. General Rules

    Rules for Pixel Piracy Forum.

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    Subforum Purposes and Directory

    by XAgent

    1 month ago

  2. Introduce Yourself

    Use this subforum to tell us who you are and what you like about Pixel Piracy.

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    Greatings from Canada

    by matty255

    1 month ago

  3. Website Feedback and Support

    A place where you can tell us how to improve Gameiki website!

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    cant select groups with cheats on

    by nicholasnick777

    4 days ago

  4. Pixel Piracy Give Away

    Tell us why you want a free copy of Pixel Piracy and you will be entered to win one of 300 copies we are giving away!

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    Giveaway Commencing!

    by TheRybak99

    1 month ago



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  1. General Discussion

    Discuss almost anything related to Pixel Piracy.

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    A little question about the start

    by DasLama69

    1 month ago

  2. Suggestions

    This is where you can suggest gameplay-related things for the Pixel Piracy devs.

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    Recruiting Enemy Pirates

    by Neophyte

    4 months ago

  3. Bug Reports

    Report any bugs you find in the official Pixel Piracy client here.

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    missing executable

    by snakatorium

    3 months ago



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  1. Artwork

    Post your Pixel Piracy artwork here or check out other members artwork.

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    new boss suggesting

    by cooljonhboy123

    3 months ago

  2. Mods

    Post your mods here or browse mods created by other members.

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    My first Island

    by MedicatedSquirrel

    4 months ago